About Imbri Web

Some stuff you might want to know about who we are and what we do

Who I am

Imbri Web is a Brisbane based web design, development & hosting service owned by Jessica Decker, part time psychologist, part time internet wizard. Begun in Queensland, Australia in 2000, Imbri has nearly twenty years experience creating and developing web presences with an established client base from all over the world.

What I do

I specialise in web development for individuals, businesses and organisations of all descriptions. I tailor solutions to meet your goals for an online presence. I code, I create, I design. Whether you’re starting from scratch, upgrading, redesigning or looking for added functionality I will work with you to meet your needs.

My philosophy

I work with people. I love design of all kinds, and have the perfectionistic personality that somehow makes coding fun and rewarding. I enjoy the process of figuring out a concept, scritching it together, and working with you until it matches just what you want. You want a website. Tell me what your vision is and I’ll make it happen, only probably better.

Skills & Services

GraphicsHigh res photographs
Vector images

CodingPHP & MySQL


FTP & Email

Owner & Founder

Jessica Decker

“Wait so you're a psychologist but this is your business? How does that work?”

Yeah so I work as a psychologist. Prior to that I worked in IT and ran my own web hosting company, and did some websites just because I really liked it. I figured I'd quit once I began working in psychology more. However with my background I got into doing psychology over the web, and kept up these skills. Over time I kept getting more website work, so now I just continue to do both part of the time.

For a long time Imbri Web was mostly a web hosting business. You'll notice now the emphasis is on web development, with hosting as a bonus. So don't worry, if you're a pre-exsting webhosting customer, your service isn't going anywhere.

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